Immortal Romance Slot Review

This slot game is powered by Microgaming. Microgaming are known for their spectacular effects, wonderful story lines and great visuals when it comes to slots and Immortal Romance is no exception.  Immortal Romance follows the love story of Sarah and Micheal. Sarah is a scientist whose lifelong research revolves around the hypothesis that aging is a disease that can be cured. Micheal is an 800 year old vampire who wanted to do something good with his immortality so he became a researcher and a lecturer at some of the top universities. In fact, it is at a research seminar that Sarah and Micheal meet. A wonderful love story blossoms between these two. At first, Michael tries to hide his vampiric nature yet, in a moment of weakness, he tells Sarah everything, including his undying love for her.

These two characters aren’t the only characters in this slot game as Immortal Romance also features Amber and Troy. Amber is Sarah’s best friend who would do anything to protect Sarah. This means that there is a bit of bad blood (no pun intended) between Amber and Micheal. Amber makes it her mission to make sure that Sarah is not turned into a vampire but a wedge is put into her plans when Troy, the hungarian vampire, comes along. Troy seems to have taken a special interest in Amber and the way that she wants to protect her best friend so Troy decides to make Amber his little project. 

Immortal Romance Slot Gameplay

If you would like to know more about these four characters’ lives you are able to find each individual’s full character description on the settings tab which is found on the left hand side of the very gothic themed reels. The reels themselves feature 243 ways to play with a layout of 5 reels and 3 dark and spooky rows. The minimum amount that you can bet on this slot is that of 0.01 with maximum being that of 0.05 per coin. You also have to pick how many coins you wish to bet per line which are between 1 and 10. If you bet the full 0.05 with 10 coins per line your maximum bet will be that of 15. 

With so many characters in Immortal Romance you can only expect that there will be an equal amount of symbols to help you win along the way. So, let’s take a look at Immortal Romance ‘s special symbols. 

Immortal Romance Special Symbols

First up we have the Immortal Romance logo which acts as this video slot games wild card. This symbol has the power to substitute all the other symbols except for the scatter symbol. The Immortal Romance logo is the wild symbol. The wild is available during the entire game except for when you are in Wild Desire mode. 

Wild Desire is a game mode that is generated randomly by the reels. In this game mode a cloud of red smoke will appear over the reels and turn up to all five reels into full wild reels. Although this wild desire bonus is a bit of  a rare occurrence it sure is worth it when it happens as you are almost always guaranteed a big payout in this game mode. However, free spins cannot be triggered when you are in Wild Desire mode. 

Immortal Romance Free Spins

So, how do you get free spins? You unlock free spins when you get 3 or more  scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. Once you get at least 3 of these scatter symbols you will be taken to the Chamber of Spins. 

Here, in the Chamber of Spins, you are met with Amber, Troy, Micheal and Sarah. The more times you enter the Chamber of Spins the higher number of spins you will get. A crimson bar at the top of the Chamber of Spins tracks your progress. Each character has their own special take on free spins. 

Amber Free Spins 

Amber free spins are the first level of free spins. Amber offers you a total of 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. Amber is so nice that any 3 scatter symbols you get during Amber free spins mode will be added on to your total number of free spins. 

Troy Free Spins

The next level of free spins are the Troy free spins. Troy offers you 15 free spins with a special vampire bats feature. This vampire bats feature means that they can swoop into the reels at any time and turn any symbol into 2x or 3x multipliers. With Troy you can get up to 6x times multiplier. The vampire bats are only available after the 5th trigger of the Chamber of Spins. 

Micheal Free Spins

The 3rd level of the Chamber of Spins is where Micheal comes in. Micheal free spins will give you 20 free spins! The more consecutive wins you rack up the higher multiplier you will get as consecutive wins will increase the multiplier up to 5x. Micheal helps you out in getting these consecutive wins by also giving you rolling reels. All this can be experienced upon your 10th arrival to the Chamber of Spins. 

Sarah Free Spins

Last, but certainly not least, are the Sarah free spins. Sarah is going to award you with a total of a whopping 25 free spins as well as a wild vine feature. This wild vine feature, which is only present on reel 3, has the power to randomly transform any existing symbol into additional substitutes. Since Sarah is so nice if you get 2,3,4 or 5 scatter symbols across the reels you will be awarded with 2,3,4 or 5 free spins, respectively.  The only way that you can access this amazing mode of free spins is by entering the Chamber of Spins 15 times. 

Immortal Romance Slot Graphics and Sound

If entering the Chamber of Spins isn’t enough indication for you that you have entered a new game mode no worries as Microgaming have also added one-of-a-kind music that is exclusive to the Chamber of Spins. So, not only do you have a visual indication once you enter but you also have an ongoing audio queue whilst you are playing. 

When you are in the normal games mode Microgaming have still added some extra ways to make this slot even more exciting. During play, if any of the characters are part of a winning line they will come to life with their own individual animations as well as their own unique jingle, which will be heard across the slot. Another very story-like aspect that has been included in this video slot is the narrator who, not only reads you each character’s stories once you go in settings, but also announces to you and explains what is going on once you enter the Chamber of Spins. 

Immortal Romance Slot Conclusion

In conclusion, Immortal Romance slot is a very high-end, addicting, story-like slot that can be enjoyed by anyone. Microgaming has made sure to make this video slot as understandable as they could by putting everything you need to know in an easily accessible tab on the left side of the reels. The leniency when it comes to betting is perfect for everyone as, regardless if you like small bets or more sizable ones, you will certainly have a good time here. 

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