How to bet on CSGO From Canada

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Before we get started on how to bet on CSGO, we’ll cover the basics of how CSGO is played professionally and the rules of the game.

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How is CSGO played professionally

CS:GO is a multiplayer First person shooter video game  that is played between two teams. Each team consists of 5 players.

One team plays as terrorists and the other as counter terrorists. The goal of the team playing as the terrorists is to plant the bomb in a map and wait till it successfully blows up. The goal of the team playing as counter-terrorists is to eliminate the terrorists before the plant the bomb or to defuse the bomb after it has been planted.

A typical professional CSGO game consists of 3 maps. Each map consists of 30 rounds. Each round consists of up to 2 minutes 10 seconds or 1 minutes 55 seconds depending on the tournament rules.

If the teams are tied 15-15 at the end of one map, the map goes into overtime. The first team to win a total of 16 rounds in the map wins the map.

These teams are called the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, and in professional matches, they duel each other on a series of maps. Each map has a completely different design and consists of 16-30 rounds plus additional sets of overtime rounds (6 per set) if the score is 15-15 at the end of the first 30.

The Best Bookmakers in Canada For CSGO Betting

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Types of bets in CSGO Betting Canada

Money line betting in CSGO Betting

By far the most popular form of betting on CSGO is the money line market because you don’t need to have in depth knowledge of the sport to bet on the moneyline.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “money line betting” basically money line betting is the betting on the winner of a match in any sport. It is also called match winner bets.

Betting on the match winner is pretty straightforward but if you want to beat the odds and make more money from CSGO betting you might have to diversify your bets.

Bookmakers are very confident in setting odds for most traditional sports and expect good profit margins. However, CSGO betting and esports betting is tricky because these sports have only recently risen in popularity.

Bookmakers tend not to be able to predict outcomes as accurately in esports and that’s why they don’t offer high odds for match winner bets in esports like CSGO. 

That is why we recommend serious punters to diversify their bets and not just stick to money line bets if they want to bet on CSGO profitably.

Map betting in CSGO

Map winner bets are probably the most lucrative betting markets in the world of CSGO betting.

You can check out the data of teams on and make informed decisions and predictions for a CSGO match to predict which team will win the first map or the second map.

For instance you will notice that some teams have a tendency to lose the first map but then pick up steam and still end up winning the other two maps and hence winning the match.

You will notice that in most bookmakers the map markets offer better odds. The match favorite with higher odds to win the odds might have lower odds to win the first map because of the reason we mentioned earlier.

So the next time you are about to bet on a CSGO game, look at both the teams statistics and tendencies on and place your bet on the map winner markets.

Handicap Bets in CSGO Betting

Handicap betting in CSGO betting can be a bit more complicated,however, if one team is clearly the stronger team and has better odds, handicap betting can work in your favor.

Handicap betting works by placing a disadvantage on the favourites or an advantage on the underdogs.

How does Handicap betting work in CSGO?

Here is a simple example:

Let’s say there are two teams, Team A and Team B. Team B is the underdog in the match.

These two teams will be playing the first map.

Because team B is the underdog, the bookmaker decides to give Team B a theoretical advantage of 1.5 rounds and Team B gets a handicap of -1.5 rounds.

This means that theoretically, Team B starts with a score of 1.5 rounds and Team B with 0 rounds.

So if you bet on Team A with a handicap of -1.5 score, you will win the bet only if Team A wins the map with a margin of more than 2 rounds.

If you Bet on Team B with a handicap of 1.5 score and miraculously wins the map, you win the game. You will also win the handicap bet if Team B manages to lose by margin of less than 2 rounds.

Over/under bets in CSGO betting

Instead of betting on the overall  winner of the match, you can bet on how many maps will be won by both teams.

As we mentioned earlier, most professional CSGO games are played either with a total of 3 maps.

So there can be only 2 scorelines:

  • 2-1
  • 2-0

In the second outcome the match winner won both the first and the second map and there was no need to play a third map. Only 2 maps were played in this match.

In the first outcome, one team won the first map, the second team won the second time, so a third map had to be played to decide the winner. Hence a total of 3 maps were played in this match.

The bookmaker will offer you an over/under bet for the total number of maps that will be played.

The over under bet in CSGO betting is usually only offered for the total number of maps that will be played.

It is always set as over 2.5 maps or under 2.5 maps.

In simple terms, you will be betting whether 3 maps will be played (over 2.5 maps) or only 2 maps will be played(under 2.5 maps).

How to bet on the total maps market in CSGO Betting

If you predict that the two teams are evenly matched you should bet on over 2.5 maps.If you looked at the statistics and saw that one team is clearly the favorites and often wins with a 2-0 scoreline, then you should bet on under 2.5 maps.

Because of only 2 outcomes for scorelines in CSGO, over/under betting is much more profitable and predictable in CSGO compared to a traditional sport like Football.

Correct score

In CSGO , the correct score is a type of bet where you predict exactly how you think the match will finish.

The sportsbook will give you four options: Team A to win 2-0, Team A to win 2-1, Team B to win 2-0, Team B to win 2-1.

Again, in order to make this bet we recommend you to check out the stats of each team on the CSGO match you will be betting on at to make an informed decision.

Map total rounds

Much like the maps total market, the map total rounds market allows you to bet on how many rounds you think it will take either team to win a certain map.

The sportsbook will set a number of rounds, for example 26.5, and give you the option to select over or under that value.

If you think that a team will win the map quickly, then select under, if you think the map will be close-fought and be played over 27 rounds or more, then select over.

Live CSGO Betting

You can also choose to bet on a live CSGO match in some sportsbooks. Live betting is also called in play betting. The sportsbooks on this page offer live CSGO betting as well as amazing sportsbook bonuses for CSGO.

Major CSGO Tournaments and Championships

We have listed the most popular CSGO tournaments that you can bet on below:

Blast Premier 

Blast Premier is the biggest CSGO Tournament. The Final Tournament is scheduled to take place between December 14 and December 19 2021, and the grand prize is $1 million.
Blast Premier also has spring and fall tournaments where the winners get a grand prize of $425,000.

ESEA Premier Division

Snow Sweet Snow

Esea Advanced Europe

Umanzsi Esports League

The best CSGO players and teams

The best players and teams in CSGO change quite frequently as players and teams constantly update their playing styles.
At the time of writing the best CSGO team in the world is Astralis. The best CSGO player as of February 2021 is Frenchman,Mathieu Herbaut who is more popularly known by his callsign, ZywOo.

Other notable teams and their best players are:

  • G2 Esports – Hunter and KennyS
  • Astralis – Device and Magisk
  • NaVi – S1mple and flamie
  • Fnatic – Brollan and KRIMZ

Important metrics to consider while betting on CSGO From Canada

We believe that there are some important things you should consider if you are considering betting on CSGO.

We usually visit HLTV and look at metrics like ban rates and map pick. We do this to get an idea of how a team wins against weaker opponents. 

That being said, here are some CSGO betting tips and metrics we recommend you to focus on:

Check the Map win rates

Man win rates are very important.Each team and player tends to perform better on some maps than others.Comparing the map win rates before a match you plan to bet on will help you make accurate predictions when you are betting on map based CSGO bets like Map handicap, map winner etc.

In our experience the maps played are going to give a 20% win rate edge to one team over the other where the match winner odds are very close.

Use a team’s efficiency metric to decide the match favorite

You have a good chance to make a lot of money when stronger teams face off against underdogs. 

All you have to do is to see that two factors are in play while betting on a match with a clear favorite and an underdog:

  1. The stronger team’s recent form is poor
  2. The weaker team’s recent form is good

If both these cases are true, betting on the weaker team may work in your favor because bookmakers would still offer good odds and still would not expect the weaker team to win.

This is especially true for CSGO teams because the top teams often do not have to worry about winning matches against very weak teams because it does not affect their chances of progressing to the best CSGO tournaments,.

History of skin betting

A quick history on betting skins

Something that is synonymous with CSGO betting is something called skins betting.

In the early days of professional CSGO,skins betting was an extremely popular way to gamble on CSGO for a long time.

Skins betting was an unregulated and informal form of betting in CSGO that involved putting up the skins to guns in the game that are acquired on the steam marketplace instead of money.

You would get the skins If you won the bet.

Now, betting skins in and of itself wasn’t necessarily the problem. Minors being involved in the whole process was the main problem with skins betting. To acquire skins players would sometimes have to spend real money which in a way led to minors being indirectly involved in gambling. 

Needless to say this is illegal and not cool but because technically there was no exchange of actual money, this practise continued below the radar.

 If this process was more closely regulated and took place in a manner in which only users who were adults would take part in it, there would be no problems.However, the average age of players is low and many kids would take part in this form of indirect gambling which was a serious issue.

Today, there are significant restrictions on skins trading to tackle this problem.In an effort to ward off those who wanted to flip their skins quickly for profit, most trades that involve the gifting of skins now take place over the course of days rather than minutes.

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