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It is estimated that Canadians spend close to $10 Billion (approximately USD 7.7 Billion) on sports betting every year. That means the average Canadian spends $266 every year on sports betting.

But there are many countries where people bet on sports and gamble online even though it is illegal to do so. So this raises the question…

Is Sports Betting Legal in Canada

The short answer is “yes”, the long answer is “yes, but with some restrictions”. Let us elaborate it below.

Canadian authorities have historically attempted to regulate all forms of gambling, including the most popular form of gambling in Canada, sports betting. The first attempt at regulating sports betting in Canada can be traced back to 1892. It was in this year that the Canadian Criminal Code was enacted. The Canadian Criminal Code of 1892 allowed gambling and sports betting as long as certain conditions were met.

The code was amended in 1910 which allowed Canadian punters to bet on Parimutuel betting. This form of sports betting allows the winners to divide the losers bet amongst themselves. A certain percentage of the profits is reserved for the bookmaker.

The laws on sports betting stayed the same in Canada until 1970. It was in this year that a lot of sweeping amendments were made to the Canadian Criminal Code. The major amendment that was introduced in 1970 allowed different Canadian provinces to regulate the gambling industry in their provinces and introduced licenses to regulate Canadian Bookmakers and Casinos.
As of 2021, Saskatchewan is the only province in Canada that does not allow online bookmakers or online casinos from its territory. But if you live in Saskatchewan, you can still legally gamble online with bookmakers outside of Canada or outside of Saskatchewan.

In order to be licensed and to operate in Canadian soil bookmakers in Canada have to abide by many stringent regulations. Bookmakers in Canada face heavy taxation and are only legally allowed to offer parlay bets on their sports books. This severely limits Canadian bettors who are passionate about sports betting.

Due to this reason, many sports bettors place their bets with online bookmakers outside of Canada.

The Canadian Criminal Code (or any other law in Canada for that matter) does not explicitly ban you from placing bets with online bookmakers outside of Canada. This essentially means that as of 2021, placing a bet with bookmakers outside of Canada is not illegal. This means if you are to bet on your favourite sports outside with Bookmakers outside of Canada you are not breaking the law.

But this raises another question ,are bookmakers outside of Canada allowed to accept players from Canada? Well, the answer is “it depends”. As these bookmakers operate from outside of Canada they are governed by the laws of the country where they host their services from. They might even be operating without a license and may be allowed to do so. You should avoid bookmakers outside of Canada that operate without a license because they might not allow you to withdraw your winnings.

There are many countries that allow bookmakers to legally operate from their territories and allow these bookmakers to accept players from other countries. In our opinion bookmakers from Malta that are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (also known as MGA) tend to be the best options for Canadian residents. The bookmakers licensed by the MGA also have amazing bookmaker bonuses for Canadian residents. If they also operate a casino they have really good casino bonuses for residents of Canada. Unibet is also a popular bookmaker with a MGA license that has amazing bonuses. We have written about where to find your Unibet Bonus from Canada on our blog.

The Best Online Bookmakers in Canada Licensed by the MGA

Going back to the regulations that are imposed on the sports betting industry in Canada, bookmakers in Canada are governed by the regulatory authorities in their respective authorities with the aim of ensuring that sports books in Canada operate in a fair and transparent manner.

Canadian bookmakers that don’t adhere to these standards will get their licence cancelled.
One of the biggest regulatory bodies for gambling in Canada is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in 1996 and is located in Montreal. It runs its online casinos and sportsbooks and has issued licenses to 50 online casinos and bookmakers in Canada. You can find a list of these Canadian bookmakers on their website and choose to place a bet on these Canadian bookmakers.

The Best Online Bookmakers in Canada

That being said what is the bookmaker in Canada at the moment? At bookmakercanada we strive to answer this exact question and are always on the hunt for the best bookmakers in Canada. So feel free to take a look at what we have found out so far when it comes to the best betting sites in Canada because we have been scouring through the internet for the top betting sites in Canada that offer the best NHL odds in Canada to the best NBA odds in Canada. We also are always on the lookout for the best bookmaker welcome bonuses in Canada.

So keep scrolling down to find the best online casinos in Canada that can make your bankroll boom!

The world of sports betting and casino games has recently been revolutionized by the rise of online betting.
Thanks to the internet your favourite bookmakers in Canada are just a click away! Get ready to bet on your favourite sports in Canada, your favourite slots in Canada and your favourite casino games live from Canada.

Needless to say, if you gambling from Canada you need the best betting sites for the purpose. Which is exactly what bookmakercanada will help you do!

What makes the best betting site in Canada and the best bookmaker in Canada?

Are you looking for betting sites without limit or a bookmaker in Canada where you don’t have to pay a minimum deposit? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a platform where you could find the best offers for pretty much every sport for sports betting? Whichever way you want to bet, it gets super easy to place your bet when you find the best bookmaker in Canada for you and we’ll help you find exactly that!

Sports betting in Canada has been increasing in popularity over the years as more and more people in a sports crazy country like Canada bet on their favourite sport. This raises the question: what makes a good bookmaker in Canada? The answer is simple and can be found in our bookmaker reviews. Our bookmaker reviews will help you find the best bookmakers in Canada that offer you the best casino bonuses in Canada.

It can be quite tricky when it comes to sports betting. That’s why at bookmakercanada we offer the best sports betting tips in Canada. eSports is growing in popularity in Canada and that’s exactly why we also strive to offer you the best eSports betting tips in Canada.

Different types of betting available in Canada

Apart from a vast array of sports that you can bet on, the bookmaker reviews for the best bookmakers in Canada that you will find on our website will help you to make many different kinds of bets.

From simple match winner bets to more complicated accumulator bets in the NHL to the over/under goals in soccer bookmakercanada will give you the chance to scour through the best sportsbook in Canada.

Did you know that the kind of bet you choose to place can help you increase your iwnnings? That’s why its important for you to find the best bookmakers and online casinos that fit according to your needs.

Did you know?

It is estimated that Canadians spend close to $10 Billion(approximately USD 7.7 Billion) on sports betting every year. That means the average Canadian spends $266 every year on sports betting.

  • You can bet on eSports like CS:GO and DOTA 2 on many of the bookmakers in Canada.
  • If you bet without limits, you can deposit, bet and win any amount – completely uncapped.


Bookmakers in Canada with the best odds

When you place any bet at a bookmaker available in Canada, how much money you will win would depend on the odds the sportsbook will set for you.

At bookmakercanada you can find the bookmakers that offer the best odds in Canada in order to get a bang for your buck! Apart from our sportsbetting tips you can also find the best bookmaker bonuses only on

As bookmakers face fierce competition in the industry, they try to attract users by offering decent odds. However, it’s always worth comparing the odds on various sports betting sites to ensure you’re getting the highest odds available from a bookmaker in Canada. Our bookmaker comparison gives you the perfect way to do this.

With a quick online search, you can confirm that you’re able to access the best odds across the board and that you’ve found the best betting sportsbook in Canada. All you need to find the perfect bookmaker for Canadian players.

Accumulator bets on the best sportsbooks in Canada

Accumulator betting is extremely popular amongst punters not only in Canada but around the world. The best sportsbooks in Canada will offer you amazing bonuses for accumulator bets that can help you win 10 times to even 14 times your bet amount!

Live sports betting in Canada

Live betting has grown in popularity in recent years. Not surprising, because who is not on the edge of his seat when there is money to be made with a competition? All you have to do is follow the football match as closely as possible. Which team dominates, who gets opportunities and who has the most fighting spirit? With a live bet you can directly respond to these types of factors. But…. you have to dare to respond quickly! Timing is everything when it comes to live betting on football

If you notice that a team is on a roll and a goal is in the air, don't wait too long to place your bets. This does not benefit the odds. The bookies also keep an eye on the game, and they adjust the odds where necessary. Is there a score and does the team also play very convincingly? There is a good chance that the potential profit amount will decrease quickly. If you want to take advantage of really good odds, you have to show courage. That is precisely why you follow the match with excitement from the very first minute.

There are some big advantages to betting live on football matches. Live betting on football offers you as a player the possibility to determine your strategy in real time or to adjust it to the events on the field. What seemed like a very logical step before the start of the football match can turn out completely differently during the match. If one of the top defenders gets a red card, it will undoubtedly have consequences. Suddenly the defense is no longer as strong as before, and the club also has to make do with one man less. Chances are that the team will drop stitches and still concede a goal.
Injuries of crucial players can also significantly influence the final result of a football match. Or how about a team that is just not comfortable in the game? Feyenoord may be the strongest on paper, but that does not mean that they actually dominate the game on the field. If the expected preponderance is not there, it can just happen that the team from Rotterdam do not score and even come under fire from the opponent. Live betting on a football match gives you the opportunity to respond smartly and conveniently. You just wait and see how the match unfolds, and based on that, you end up placing your bet.

Best Bookmakers eSports Betting in Canada

Ususally most punters in Canada and around the world bet on traditional sports like tennis,football or hockey. But in recent years eSports have started to gain popularity in Canada and around the world and so has eSports betting in Canada.
On our website you will find the best bookmaker bonuses for eSports betting in Canada.

You will also find the betting tips for different eSports like CSGO, Valorant, CoD, Dota 2 and league of legends.

The best bookmakers in Canada for Live Sports Betting